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Supply Chain Optimization

Handling your supply chain and logistics challenges is one of the capabilities that sets HCI’s team apart from other consultants. Our experience running our own operations, as well as those of our clients, translates into increased profits and decreased headaches throughout the system.

For example, in working for Aramco (the world’s largest oil company), Henderson Chemicals (now HCI) developed and implemented systems of checks and controls that largely compensated for human error and substantially increased reliability. The resulting order return rate was below .007%, and on time deliveries were better than 95% versus the 60% industry norm.

Let HCI’s expertise work for you in the following areas:

Cost Cutting and Supply Chain Streamlining - Competing in today’s global markets means streamlining your international supply chain. HCI will analyze and streamline your supply chain to take advantage of the powerful forces of global sourcing and the new power of supply chain analytical tools, potentially cutting costs by 10%-25% and increasing gross margin by 30% to 100%. Let us tell you how. At HCI, cost cutting is not purely an academic exercise but a practical application.

Cargo Management includes how you package, warehouse and ship your export products, as well as generating documentation and paperwork to track it. HCI’s logistics systems help you navigate the many available shipping options to maximize timely deliveries and minimize theft, loss and breakage.

Minimizing Tariff Barriers is often the difference between profit and loss in exporting. HCI finds the best points of entry and the most effective ways to ship and document a product to maximize your profits.

International Documentation can be an expensive nuisance for clients not familiar with exporting. Our Export Launch Program includes all the necessary marketing, legal and operational documents needed for your venture. Our clients routinely realize a considerable savings in legal fees by using HCI’s documentation.

Simplification - HCI will create and simplify all the up-to-date shipping and logistics documentation required, in hard copy forms and in PC or Mac format. We systematically eliminate potential problem sources, then create simplified shipping checklists and procedures for your internal use.

Crisis and Risk Management - HCI is always on call to help you deal with theft, disturbances, storms and other logistics and operational problems including Y2K compliance problems should they occur.

HCI developed one of the first "straight-through" logistics systems in Mexico, saving clients both significant costs and transit time, and virtually eliminating theft and handling damage. We’ve helped many customers reduce costs and overhead without affecting performance. Let HCI apply this same level of initiative and problem solving ability to your export challenges.

"I find HCI to be a dependable company in their business dealings and one who has the interests of both buyer and seller in mind when they start a marketing project in Mexico. (We are) very pleased with the work of Mr. Hugh Henderson."

Robert P. Rich, Director, Virginia Dept. of Agriculture

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