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Wikipedia defines global sourcing as:

“Global sourcing is a term used to describe practice of sourcing from the global market for goods and services across geopolitical boundaries. Global sourcing often aims to exploit global efficiencies in the delivery of a product or service. These efficiencies include low cost skilled labor, low cost raw material and other economic factors like tax breaks and low trade tariffs”.

Today's environment demands continuous cost reductions; at HCI we believe the surest, most rapid and least painful method is global sourcing. HCI offers over thirty years of in-field industry experience in Latin America, India, the Pacific Rim, Western Europe and the Middle East, dealing with over 1,000 producers, manufacturers and service providers globally, as well as more than 450 foreign agents and distributors. With substantial cost savings, HCI’s customers are significantly more able to withstand competitors, increase market share and preserve their workforce during these tough times.

Through our network of thousands of global contacts, we are sure to have the perfect solution to your global sourcing needs.

“(Thank you for)… your commendable efforts on our behalves and your very admirable record of accomplishments”

Rick Salzberg, President, Fancy Foods International, Norfolk, Virginia

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