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HCI offers over thirty years of in-field industry experience dealing with more than 1,000 producers, manufacturers and service providers globally, as well as over 450 foreign agents and distributors.

We’ve developed export and import markets and operations in over twenty countries, including Australia, India, Mexico, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Germany and Turkey.

HCI has one of the highest success rates in the industry in finding profitable foreign markets for clients. Our team’s strategic focus, cost effectiveness and depth of in-country experience allows HCI to win consulting bids 70% of the time, versus an industry average of 5-25%.

HCI’s focus on the bottom line is at the root of this success. We offer practical services and strategies that reduce our Clients’ upfront and operational costs, leading to a high rate of return on a your investment in HCI’s global trade services.

HCI has an established reputation throughout the industry for integrity and dependability. We strive to create a long-term relationship with each of our clients based on solid results.

Having the right contacts is one of the keys to success in overseas marketing. HCI's extensive international network includes hundreds of solid contacts in each of our main foreign markets. In first-tier markets, like Mexico, HCI's contacts range in the thousands.

HCI maintains several affiliated offices in key foreign markets like Mexico, Turkey and Australia and can call on a network of proven agents and distributors in 50 countries. Our contacts are often highly placed—including individuals at the Board of Directors level in many leading companies.

HCI has developed an international reputation for exceptional customer service. Our logistics systems lead to a high percentage of on-time deliveries with low rates of loss and breakage.

Our agent performance systems and contract expertise maximize results and minimize agency and collection hassles, while our comprehensive Action Plans assure that critical tasks are done on time. HCI’s expertise can give your company a reputation as a top-flight player in foreign export markets.

HCI is one of the few international marketing firms that offers you a total package - everything you need to begin and successfully operate an export venture. We design and build a company’s overseas marketing and distribution arm from the ground up. If you are looking for a reliable, one-stop solution to your export needs, HCI can provide it.

"NextLinx believes that HCI has conducted itself and in a professional manner and has continual demonstrated deep knowledge of the international supply chain"

James Schwab, Vice President, Nextlinx Corporation

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