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Hugh M. Henderson – President & CEO
Hugh Henderson has 34 years of global industry experience working with over 1,000 manufacturers and service providers, as well as more than 450 foreign agents and distributors in 49 countries. He has started and operated offices in Australia, Kuwait, Mexico, Peru, Taiwan, the U.S. and Venezuela and managed a leading distribution company in Peru, developing over 60% market share.

Henderson has been the president of HCI Corp., 1986 to present, acting as "Consulting Director - International Marketing" to over fifty leading manufacturers, both large and small, including General Electric, W.R. Grace, Southern States, Clean Water Engineers and Graham-White Machinery. His industry experience includes industrial equipment, environmental services, scientific and medical equipment, chemicals, plastics, food and beverage, and biotechnology.

As President of Henderson Chemicals Inc., 1979-1986, the company was selected in 1980 by the world's largest oil company (ARAMCO) as the exclusive purchasing agent for LDV contracts for Chemicals and Scientific Equipment. Mr. Henderson also served other oil companies including Shell Oil, Bariven, YPF Argentina, YPF Bolivia, Petroleos Del Peru, Kuwait Oil Company and others.

He has acted as Project Manager, Agent or Export Manager for over thirty other leading U.S. and multinational companies, from 1978 to the present, including Airco, Akzo Chemie, Bayer, Exxon, Harshaw, ICI-Brazil, Monsanto, National Medical Enterprises and Sherwin Williams. Mr. Henderson focused primarily on import-export markets and/or operations in nineteen countries including Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela.

Sandra K. Yatsko – Project Coordinator, HCI-Mexico
Ms. Yatsko is a client-oriented marketing and research professional with ten years experience in the Microfinance, Information Technology (IT), Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and healthcare industries.

Ronald C. Anderson, PhD

Mr. Anderson was the General Manager for Schlumberger GECO-Prakla from 1990 until 1992 in Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay, responsible for the southern tier countries of Latin America with over 600 employees. Previously, he led a project implementing technical monitoring systems for both operation and asset control, doing extensive international travel to oversee implementation and development of systems.

He acted as the General Manager of Schlumberger Ltd., South Aftica, 1988-1989, and held full profit and loss authority with over 200 employees.

In Paris, France from 1987 to 1988, Mr. Anderson provided operations, financial, and technical consulting services to Schlumberger subsidiaries located in Europe and Africa. He is proficient in both French and Spanish.

Raymundo Dávalos-Sotelo - Wood Performance Specialist
From 1979-1988 Mr. Davalos-Sotelo worked with the National Institute or Research on Biotical Resources (INIREB) in research, analysis and design of wood structures, and general wood science in the technology laboratory. From 1990-2003 he acted as Project Leader and Researcher in the Technological Characterization of Mexican Woods and Forest Products in the Forest Conservation Department, Instituto de Ecología, A.C. From 1998-2003 he was the Head of the Natural Resources Division.

Mr. Davalos-Sotelo has written twenty-six papers for various periodicals and journals on topics including stress grading, physical and mechanical properties of wood, standardization, building codes, design of timber structures and technological characterization of woods. His expertise has also gone into thirty-two papers for national and international meetings of Congress. He is the author of five national standards on stress grading, standard sizes, performance standards, plywood grading, mechanical properties of plywood, the coauthor of the Mexican Building Code for Timber Structures (LRFD Method), versions 1987 and 2003, and has participated in the writing of nine more national standards and one draft of an American pre-standard.

Manuel Edgardo Elorza Wershoffen, Arch. - Wood Frame Specialist
Mr. Wershoffen has been in the wood-construction industry since 1967 when he started work as a draftsman specializing in Prefabricated Building Systems. After receiving his BS in Architecture at the National University of Mexico in 1971, he supervised the construction of New Population Centers for the Angostura Program. From 1973-1977 he was the Chief of Architectural Department, Fideicomiso Cdad, and from 1977-1992 he worked in research, analysis and design with wood, housing and characteristics of different kinds of woods and wood Products at the National Forest Research Institute. From 1986-2004 he also acted as General Manager in the National Council for Wood Construction.

Mr. Wershoffen joined HCI in 2003 as the Director of wood construction technology in our Mexico office. He has also taught Architecture for thirty years at the National University of Mexico and has also given seminars in Havana, Cuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Quito, Ecuador, Alberta, Canada and at various Universities in Mexico.

Dorothy Riddle, PhD

Dr. Riddle is an experienced international certified management consultant, and Registered ISO 9000 Specialist. Over the past 22 years, she has worked in over 30 developed and developing countries.

Dr. Riddle has had twenty years of professional experience in the area of health care delivery. She has served as President of Group Health of Arizona (a health maintenance organization) and as Chief Psychologist at Marana Community Clinic. She has assisted at the management level with the integration of services from disparate specialties (medicine, radiology, pathology, pharmacy, mental health), including the design of supporting information systems to provide "seamless service" to the client.

Dr. Riddle is one of Canada's three private sector representatives to the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) and Co-Chaired ABAC for 1996. She is the founding Chair of the Services' Exporters Committee of the Canadian Exporters' Association, and has chaired the Working Group on Exporter Competitiveness of DFAIT's Task Force on International Business Development (International Trade Advisory Committee). She has been appointed to the Business Services SAGIT (Sectoral Advisory Group on International Trade).

Dr. Riddle serves on the Board of Directors of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Canada (ICMCC) and chairs its ISO 9000 Standing Committee. She also serves on the Governing Board of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of British Columbia. She has served on the editorial boards of Journal of Services Marketing and International Journal of Service Industries Management, and is a member of Statistic Canada's Advisory Committee on Services Statistics.

Dr. Riddle holds a B.A., summa cum laude, from University of Colorado, an M.B.A. from University of Arizona, and a Ph.D. from Duke University.

Ziya Emiroğlu – Director of European Trade
Mr. Emiroğlu started his career as an economist at the Is Bank of Turkey. Moving into the international trade business, he worked as area manager for starting commercial activities with Eastern Europe at Tekfen Group of Turkey in the early 1980s and continued with the Dutch multinational corporation Van Ommeren/Ceteco in early 1990s as the trade manager responsible for establishing their trade department in Turkey.

Mr. Emiroğlu most recently worked as the General Manager of Foreign Trade at the Turkish joint venture of U.K. wholesale leader Booker PLC.

Continuing his career of 30 years of international trade, Mr. Emiroğlu joins our team as HCI’s Director of European Trade through our partnership with LIBRA International Business Consultants in Istanbul.

Fuat Hacıoğlu - Director Middle-East Trade
Mr. Hacıoğlu graduated from Ankara University BA and started working 1978 at TC Ziraat Bankası.

After 6 years, he moved into the international trading business, working in TEKFEN Holding, TOPRAK Holding and ERSU Holding’s İnternational Trading Companies.
In the early 1990s, Mr. Hacıoğlu decided to establish a manufacturing textile institution, producing ready-wear garments which were exported to European markets for almost 10 years.

After, Mr. Hacıoğlu has joined GİSAD Group as an establishing member and taken the responsibility as FEO (CFO) of the company.
With more than 30 years of experience accumulated as banker, manufacturer and international businessman, Mr. Hacıoğlu now, acts as HCI’s Director of Middle-Eastern trade at HCI-Istanbul.

Information Coming Soon for the Following Team Members:
• David Henderson – V.P. of Australian Operations
• Monica Garcia Padilla – V.P. of Mexican Operations
• Lic. Jose Antonio Sanchez Moros - Director of Manufacturing
• Amit Mehta - Director of Global Chemicals
• Bryan Barnett - Director of Agriculture Commodities
• Rudolfo Loiaza - V.P. of Government Affairs, Mexico
• Guillermo Echaniz - V.P. Engineering
• Nicholas D. Lanoue – Project Coordinator, U.S. Operations

Additional Team Members & Support Staff:
• Herman Molzahn
• Ghassan Ghazal
• John Price
• Harley Coombs
• Jorge Ramirez
• Jose Manuel Lopez
• Brad Burman
• Randolph Rhett
• Sean Coppedge
• Adrianna Torres
• Dr. Eduardo Fajardo

"NextLinx believes that HCI has conducted itself and in a professional manner and has continual demonstrated deep knowledge of the international supply chain"

James Schwab, Vice President, Nextlinx Corporation

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