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HCI’s assistance with securing export and working capital financing can be very valuable. We offer over 45 options for creative financing, both foreign and domestic.

HCI can also lead you to valuable government export incentive programs.

Our overseas network gives HCI the ability to secure sources of foreign financing with little collateral and often with more favorable terms than are commonly available domestically in the U.S.

Collections and Disputes

One of the biggest headaches in export can be collections—but it’s a problem you can avoid by partnering with HCI.

Our expertise starts with contracts and documentation, which are written for foreign markets, and designed to withstand the tests of foreign courts. Our documentation and logistics systems provide clear, unambiguous records of every transaction, designed to pre-empt the hassles of foreign disputes.

In the event that foreign disputes do occur, HCI has the know-how and the networks to help solve them quickly and amicably.

We offer a full range of collection strategies ranging from winning judgments in foreign courts, overcoming anti-U.S. bias, working through embassy and foreign ministry contacts, and the U.S. court system.

"Hugh Henderson performed with excellence in every regard in aggressively setting up the meetings and in providing compelling, professional presentations. Each potential customer...made it clear they agreed to see us only because of their respect for Hugh and HCI."

George S. Dunlop, President, Century (Former U.S. Sub-Secretary of Agriculture)

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